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Audio Gigs: "Additional Recording Time" should come with option to increase Delivery Time

I am setting up an audio gig, and there is an option for the buyer to customize the total recording time of the desired track. However, there is currently no way to increase the delivery time as the additional recording time goes up. For example, I would like 30 second audio to be $5, 60 second audio to be $10, etc, but for every 30 seconds I would also like the delivery time to go up by a day. As it is currently, a 30 second order would seem to have the same delivery time as a 2 minute order, or a 5 minute order. So I have to clarify this to the buyer, or be limited to using 3 packages with less customizability. It would be a lot easier if there was a setting that allows the seller to set how much extra delivery time they need as the additional recording time goes up.

Hey! I think that makes a lot of sense. What subcategory is your gig in? Feel free to share the link here.

Hi, running into this problem again as I have just received a 120 second order but the delivery time automatically defaults to 2 days which is meant for a 30 second order, so I have to request a time extension right away and clarify to my client.

This isn’t just a problem in the audio/composer category, it happens in writing, too, with word counts.

Gig multiples in general is bugged when it comes to day-per-multiple. Search results for '"gig multiples" #fiverr-site in:first' - Fiverr Community Forum

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Yes that does happen that way.

Probably easiest to increase overall delivery time and if they send shorter times, you deliver sooner. You can handle that in an FAQ.