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Audio Mastering Gig - Help


Hi. Can someone please help me in the right direction for how to get my first buyer for this sound mastering gig?

I have been around for a while, up and downs. But this is really me area, what I work with as a professional. So get this for a fiverr is a bargain. I know there are a mastering guru on fiver that get all the customers for that section, but just need the first buyers so I will get started and get good feedback.

I tried twitter for advrtising but flagged as spam all my fiverr gigs. On my website all that stuff got deleted ( I am out of ideas really.

Please help me get source for income on fiverr in the thing I like do the most.


Hey, @shevzhe1, I am working on an album and will always need audio mastering help, so just posting on this forum has gotten you a customer. I will check out your gig and add it to my collections. I have several songs that can use mastering right now, so you are in luck.



What genres do you have experience working with? I’m a rapper/songwriter, and may need your services in the near future.


I jut checked out your gig, and I like your description. It shows that you really know what you’re doing. I would suggest maybe making a video with some before & after samples of different genres. Samples are the one thing I look for when looking for audio (mixing, mastering, producing) gigs. :slight_smile:


Reply to @musiclover: Whooaaaaaaaaaa. Nakita! Where ya been???

musiclover said: h some before & after samples of different genres. Samples are the one thing I look for when looking for audio (mixing, mastering, producing) gigs

Yeah, I agree. When it comes to music, people need to hear what you can do as the famous @musiclover once said ;)

By the way, Nakita, are you still writing songs? I may purchase one of YOUR gigs.


Reply to @hotwebideas: Hey Bruce! I was thinking the same thing about you. Where have you been??! I miss chatting with you. Lol. I paused my songwriting gig. Remember your thread about removing gigs that aren’t doing well? :slight_smile: I’ve written two songs on Fiverr. Both buyers loved them. My manager liked the last order I did and wish I kept the rights to the lyrics. The buyer even offered to pay studio fees to have me record it professionally. Its not really benefiting me to write million-dollar quality songs for $5 though. Lol. Things were getting a bit overwhelming for a minute, so I paused all the gigs that were requiring more work than what I was charging.


Hi again and thanks for answering guys. I will put up some samples today :slight_smile:


Reply to @shevzhe1: Awesome! I look forward to hearing them. :slight_smile:


Finished with the mastered drum/beat track. Just need be finished with a full song sample as well. Will post and make a new soundcloud account for that tomorrow.


Here is the result :


Hi. I did create a new gig and for the first time inlcuded videos :slight_smile:

Would be nice with the first buyers on these to get started, and to see that video advertising really works as they says :slight_smile:

(The video on the mastering gig is processing now, should be up soon=

…and here are a funny gig :slight_smile: Video already uploaded and confirmed: