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Audio quality in portfolio sucks

I’ve noticed that the audio quality on the gig portfolio basically sucks. I have a VO gig here on Fiverr, and I always deliver in .wav format with crisp and clean sound. If I download the delivered files, they sound perfectly fine. But when I play them back in the portfolio on my gig page, or in the delivered order (the preview), the audio quality sucks. It sounds like 64kbps mp3’s to be honest. This is reflecting very badly on my work.

Anyone else noticed the compression on the portfolio? This doesn’t affect my demos.


Yes. I try to keep my videos under 50 sec so that the audio can remain somewhat decent and the file is still under 50MB. It’s a little juggle…

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If they compress the wav files like that based on size, maybe we could start uploading a file with the same recording in high quality mp3 just for the portfolio in every delivery? It hurts my ears and reflects very badly on the work we do when the deliveries in the portfolio sound like crap. The buyers might think that is the quality they are getting.

In the video I had the most problems with this, I made the video very short so that I could improve the audio quality significantly. I was using iMovie on a Mac, so my ability to fine tune the compression is almost nil. You have a good-better-best option for resolution and then again for “quality”, which I deduced to mean audio quality. Then in my video voiceover, I mentioned to click next in the gallery to hear the higher quality sample. The last thing you need is your first impression (video) sounding like an Mp2 (yes, 2) from the late 1990s.

Indeed. But I never had problems with that in my gig video. The quality on that one is fine. I use Adobe Premiere Pro, and just exported using the Youtube 1080p preset with Maximum Render Quality. It worked fine here on Fiverr. On Facebook however, that will kill your audio quality. So it seems that some websites compress the hell out of certain files. But having this problem with the actual audio deliveries from a voice-over talent on Fiverr seems strange, as the previous deliveries could help drive more sales.

At least it would be wise of Fiverr to inform about this, and maybe recommend a format that won’t be compressed down. I’m betting a 320 kbps mp3 will sound better than a wav-file in this case, so I’m gonna try this for a while, and get back to this post with an update.

If that doesn’t help, someone needs to reach out to Fiverr, because we can’t have what is basically our secondary demos sound like Mp2’s from the late 1990s. :rofl:

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I have contacted CS about the matter and included this thread along with another one about the video quality made recently.

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Let me know. I usually use 160-192 kbps MP3 on my videos and it usually works out OK for me. I assume Fiverr is like Youtube, it will do some super secret compression that you will never know the specs on so you can only optimize by trial and painful, noisy, sibilant errors.

Been asked to upload an original file to the CS team so did that. We’ll see what they say.


How’s the conversation going with the CS my friend?

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