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Let’s have a discussion about sound. To me, as a voice actor, sound quality is a top priority. In my three years here on Fiverr, the biggest improvement I’ve made on the production side of the business is building a permenant sound proof recording studio. In the beginning I had to record at the will of local landscapers, air traffic etc. made for some late nights. Now that I have my sound proof booth, I can record any time of the day or night. That’s a huge uptick for me. How do you deal with sound issues? What’s your dream microphone? Mine is the Neuman U87. What microphone do you presently use? I use a Shure KSM44, and I really LOVE that mic. It’s so versatile, and really true to my voice. Pretty decent proximity effect as well. I don’t think I’ll ever be without that mic. What about digital editing software? Which ones do you have experience with? I use Pro Tools LE V8. It works well, only occasionally crashes, and gets the job done nicely. I may need to upgrade my audio software (daw) as my version of Pro tools only works with my Mbox2 Mini per the licensing deal. So if I need to upgrade my sound card, I’ll need to buy/learn new editing software as well. Where do you shop for audio equipment? I purchased most of my equipment at Guitar Center, but after discovering that B&H Photo in NYC has an unbelievably awesome pro audio room, I think I’ll be shopping there as well. What would you like to improve in your studio? I’m thinking about adding a new microphone, the Sennheiser MKH 416 for those movie trailer type jobs. Apparently, this is the microphone that some of the top movie trailer actors use. Does anyone have experience with that mic? I hope there are a few other audio nerds out there like me, who wouldn’t mind sharing ideas and experiences as they relate to Fiverr. Anyone?

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Greetings, jamescott, I’m fairly new to Fiverr and the whole freelancing world, but I do count myself as an audio nerd to some extent. Mostly music oriented. I have a fairly neutral room for my recording needs, with enough room to not have any over zealous bass issues or wall reflections. For now I do with what I have, and hopefully I’ll upgrade as jobs roll in. It’s pretty quiet where I live, so noise is rarely an issue. As for microphones, I have a few, like a couple of Blue microphones, (my main mic is the Bluebird), an AKG, a Sennheiser, mostly singing microphones or multi-purpose instrument microphones. I used all the studio standard microphones in music school, so I share your enthusiasm for the U87.

As far as software goes, I used to be on ProTools, but changed to Logic when version 9 came out, and have been with Logic ever since. It’s closer to my way of working than ProTools ever was, although the editing tools were oftentimes more instinctive than Apple’s DAW.

Shopping for music can be tricky up here in Canada, especially for music production. Either I must order in a music shop and wait for it to arrive, if ever, or order it online myself. As for the Sennheiser MKH 416, from all the shotgun microphones I tested, I can’t really say I have a preference. A lot has to do with the room, the mic position and the speaker. Some sound great in front of a Neumann or a Rode, while another will sound like a sub-par microphone. Best of luck with your sound card upgrade and next purchases. Cheers.

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So, I upgraded to Pro Tools 11 about 2 years ago and upgraded my soundcard to the Mbox2. I did travel down to B&H in NYC and bought the Sennheiser MKH416. I don’t really use it much, as I just love the Shure KSM44 for VOs. I’m hoping to one day acquire a Neumann U87 even though I’m very skeptical that its price is justified.

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