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Audio watermark necessary for short audio revision?

I know that it’s important to add watermark to audios for demos and revisions, but is it still necessary if the audio clip is only one part of the song, like 16 seconds? Is there no danger or should I still add a watermark? I’d probably add one at the beginning.

Just wanna make sure and check what you all think!

EDIT: I just found out that I misunderstood how revisions work, I thought customers could request them before the delivery not after…


If you’d be unhappy if they used that audio clip without paying then it’s probably worth adding to a 16 second song part, otherwise (or if you think it’s unlikely they would) you could leave it without.

Don’t add it to revisions you deliver or the normal delivery though (if it’s one that can be heard) as that’s probably against the TOS, since you have to deliver one they can use.

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Thanks for the answer! Of course I’ll remove the watermark when I deliver it, but what about revisions? I just saw that I can attach files in the order chat, but doesn’t the customer have to ask for a revision?
Sorry I’m a bit confused, this is my first order!

When you deliver a revision you select the option (I think it says “deliver modified work”) and you attach any files there. They need to be the completed work (just like the initial delivery does) that the buyer should be able to use, so you’d probably get in trouble if you attached audio files with audible audio watermarks there.

You can attach previews/samples with watermarks if you think they need it in other places but not on an actual delivery/delivered revision.

Yes they normally have to request a revision if they want it revised after the initial delivery. Sometimes they might just ask in message but they shouldn’t do that, you could ask them to create a revision for it if they ask for it to be revised just in a message (you can also re-deliver but you’ve a limited amount of time for that, I think 3 days).

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Ahhh I understand, I’m glad I asked then! Thank you!!!

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Also if you kept revising any preview that you show them in a post on the order page there’s a chance the order could go late. Whereas with revisions done through the revision option the order won’t go late as long as the initial delivery was on time, even if it says it’s late in the order page it won’t be counted as late if it was originally delivered on time (except if an extra is later added to the order where it could go late because of that).

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I very rarely show any preview of Mix or Composing work I do.

I may be excited, but the client needs to hear the finished work, not bits and pieces that I understand but they won’t as they are used to songs on the radio that are always finished or their song that was always in-pieces.

Finish the whole job and Deliver. Let them decide if the need an alteration or not. Don’t encourage them to get in and start using you like a puppet or you can never do your job properly.

Hint: I will have clients try to tell me how to compress things. I don’t care. I will decide that when I am working on that material - never before. If they know so much about mixing, they wouldn’t need me. They may feel inadequate in needing me (poor tiny tackered tiddder) but they still chose me because I am good at what I do so letting them interfere is me not being good at what I do.

Positive communication however I really encourage. Anything related to who they are, what the message of the song is (rarely as detailed as they try to tell me but this I understand) welcome. This sort of interaction (not joking about hot chicks or beer drinking) helps me return a better mix.


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