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Audiobook Pricing. Why not PFH?

Hello there everyone!

I’m an experienced audiobook narrator who has worked with independent publishers, ACX, and other audiobook publishing companies. Everyone aside from Fiverr charges Per Finished Hour (frequently abbreviated to PFH). I’m confused as to why Fiverr thinks that per hour of unedited audio is the standard to go forward with.

Even buyers are asking me about my PFH rate instead of the hourly rate that I can quote in my gigs. Does anyone else have any trouble with this? If you have found a great way to charge fairly with the per hour model, I would love to hear how you did it! I find approximating hours spent to be a poor substitute for Per Finished Hour.


Well, your hourly rate basically is your PFH rate either way right? So just make sure the price reflects that. I guess.

Fiverr has - at best - a cursory knowledge of how any of the particular services here actually work, so it’s not surprising that the finer points are a bit off. :wink:

For instance, if I go to your page and choose the basic package, and then type in 180 minutes - I get a total that is less than the 3hr package you offer, and with one less day delivery time. So even that is a little buggered.

Have you thought about just going back to a per word rate and pricing that accordingly? Or is that when the whole ‘per hour of unedited audio’ thing shows up?


Certainly that would make more sense to charge per word. I’ll look into changing my gig to reflect that. Per unfinished hour is how the gig structure is for “audiobook production”.

Hourly and PFH are vastly different and it’s confusing for potential buyers, even with faq section dedicated to that.

Thanks for bringing to my attention that my gig is a little buggery!

Yeah, I feel you there. There are a whole lot of things about the way VO pricing is structured that don’t make any sense to me, but it’s not my website, so…