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Auditions on Fiverr? Promises of Big Budgets

Lately, I have had a few of these requests so I wanted to share my response to the buyers with all of you:

  • It’s always a custom order request with the budget at around $500 for a voice over project.

  • Here comes the ask, “Can you please send an audition (or sample) of my script so I can show it to my client?”

  • The word count for the “sample” script is somewhere around 50-75 words.

  • The buyer knows I am looking at the budget and hopes this will get my hopes up for a big pay day.

  • The expectation is that I will jump at the chance to send in this audition.

  • I gently decline the request to send a custom audition and explain that I changed my policy because I get asked every day to send custom auditions. The exception…maybe… if its a FIVERR Business or Top Buyer and they have lots of reviews…and I have time between my paying buyers. If they are a professional, they will understand.

  • I then explain that it’s my policy with most buyers to send a produced sample of their script after they accept an offer or place an order

  • As an alternative, I offer to send a recent project with a similar tone. Professional buyers will usually agree to that.

*I end up landing the job that I NEVER auditioned for anyway

  • I always end on a positive note and let the buyer know that I am sure they will find just the right seller on Fiverr…I call this the “take away”

Good information that can be applied to many seller’s services.

For @melissaharlowvo Melissa

Are you attending the Seller Plus VID Networking Event tomorrow? I wonder how many VIDs will be there?

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Buyer requests with a large to huge budget actually seem more shady to me than a seemingly “normal” priced request.

There have been requests with a listed $2000 budget for seemingly straightforward work, but I think the “buyer” never intends to cough up that much dough and only listed such a price to garner greater interest from higher quality sellers.

As for auditions, I’m sure you already know this, but the big name VO pay-to-play websites mostly operate off of auditions to a buyer, and the buyer selects whomever they prefer. Such a system is not supported on Fiverr and would be risky for sellers to do. If I want to perform an audition, I would do it elsewhere. I’m on Fiverr specifically because I don’t have do any additional activity to potentially get orders.

Any request that demands an audition is an automatic “Remove Request” from me.


Yes exactly!!! Why would you do 50 auditions to get a $200 job? It doesn’t make business sense to me. I was asked for an audition and after I declined I was selected for the $400 commercial. Thank you Fiverr.