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August Expectations


What are your expectations for your sales on Fiverr in August?


:-1: depressing

I’m almost back to where I was at in my first year on fiverr. It’s mostly repeat buyers for me.


Getting More Sales…


More of the same, I suppose, I am already booked for the whole of August. But I am worried too, going by what so many sellers like MissCrystal and others have been saying. Hopefully things will get better for everyone. [But I am gradually shifting focus from Fiverr to other important things in life such as health and exercise and spending a lot of time on investing and learning value investing, risk management, technical analysis, etc.]


July Starting and july end both was awesome just be active and someone will soon hit you with orders… The new algorithm and the vacations is there as well. So when both things get finished. The good things will surely come…
I am also worried as i am seeing most of the sellers are suffering from this. I pray that everything get normal and on track as like me many sellers are full time freelancers and exclusive fiverr sellers so we are dependent on fiverr and if i say fiverr is our last hope will be correct.


I think its best for you to create another gig under different category. What do you think? I think it will help.


Good idea. I will start to train in data entry.:crazy_face:


LOL! :grin:

Slightly OT - can I just say a big ‘thank you’ to @misscrystal and @writer99025 - you both know why, I’m sure, and I really do appreciate the support you offered. :slight_smile:

Expectations for August? Just waking up each morning is a bonus - keeping my clients happy when I can is great, anything else is an extra.

Have a great August everybody (July hasn’t actually finished yet here!).


Welp–August is going to be a pretty foggy and weird month for me. I’m going back to school(first year of high-school), but I’m planning on keeping Fiverr as one of my commitments for as long as I possibly can. I’m changing my gigs’ pricing and adding more gigs so I don’t know what’s going on with that. Nonetheless, I’m hoping that it can be my first month with $500+ earnings. We’ll see how it goes


Pretty, foggy and weird are how I was in high school…


I’m so sorry to hear that. Just be optimistic and positive.


I do have lots of expectations but I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. I hope my gigs get better and orders come from them directly without me having to slave through buyer requests daily.

Wish everyone an awesome August.


I have dropped quick significantly in sales this July. I typically see fluctuations here on Fiverr, but this one was a bit more noticeable than usual. It doesn’t mean I am not hopeful for a turnaround though :). Positive energy and quality work will hopefully bring it back soon. I guess summer time can do this to sales.


getting more sales…and do works hardly than before…


Almost back, getting more sales more than last two months.


Recently got some sales on my new gig. I am looking for more in this month :slight_smile:


August month Start, a fresh month start and mjy one and Ultimate goal is give my best to every single order and get happy and returning clients :slight_smile:


Pretty low, as I’ll be most of it on vacation. I’m interested in seeing how much it takes me to get back on track after 20 days of “vacation mode”. If I actually recover at all. :slight_smile:


Getting order as I expected, hopefully continuing…


Same here! :no_mouth: