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Australia wildfires

I have two long-time clients who are regularly in touch that happen to live in Australia. Both have not been in touch with me nor logged in in more than two weeks. It’s a tough time in portions of the continent over there. I hope all the Fiverr buyers and sellers living in this region are doing better than my worst fears. With the rising number of deaths going on, I fear that my clients have met with some type of devastation. Keep these folks in your thoughts as they face this terrible time!


I would like to hope for the best… :heavy_heart_exclamation: Maybe they have not logged in or been in touch as it is also the summer holidays here. Many people have two weeks holiday and will be back on Monday. But it is super scary times and devastating for those who have lost so much. I feel for the poor firefighters, most are volunteers and have been working relentlessly for months! Today it will reach 45 degrees and everyone is so worried. Already at 9am, the smoke is so thick today :disappointed_relieved: Fires in summer are common, but never like this. I can’t even comprehend how much bush has burned, how much has been lost. :cry::cry::cry:


How an entire country can be on fire absolutely frightens me. Can we consider linking some charities in this thread? A lot of people have lost not only their homes but everything they ever had and definitely need all the help they can get.


I am just from watching news and a documentary on bush fires in Australia. Things seem terrible over there. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.


It is very sad news. My prayers are with them.


I wish they are safe in the hard situation. Will be back shortly.


We have lost so many people, animals, and homes. There was a fire not too far from my house today, but it was luckily put out and no one got hurt. All I could smell today was smoke. It’s everywhere. It feels like the fires are everywhere. It all just feels so devastating, and there’s still been no rain ):


God be with them :heart: . Thoughts and prayers with them

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With our prayers, they will all heal quickly!!!

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Mother Nature has given humans a pass long enough and now this. I’m hoping for a deluge of rain to put out the fires.


We are worry about their situation. God knows everything where is the end of fire. With our prayers, hope they will overcome this hazardous condition…

Today we got 2mm of rain, but we need 200mm of rain to put out the fires :cry:

So many people have lost everything, my son’s girlfriend is from Kangaroo Island, where a large portion of the island has burned and people have died. Her childhood home and many of her friends homes are gone. The farmers are shooting burnt livestock to put them out of their misery, it is just so so so sad.

For those who were wondering about donations, this page from the RFS (which is the Rural Fire Service) details the charities.


I finally heard from one of my clients today. He doesn’t live in the affected area but said there were a few fires back in November that finally died out in it. He said the fires were still burning around Sydney, which is tragic. It’s hard not to get concerned for a client who goes missing for weeks when you know it’s not usual for them to do so and there is something going on in their country. We are going on our 30th project together as of today!

Yes, y’all def. need more rain than that! Wish all the rain we are getting this week would go to y’all. We are expected up to 8 inches by Friday night. We don’t need it after being one of the wettest Decembers in our area.

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I am so glad your client is safe, bet you were relieved to hear from them!!

Many many fires are still burning - I am 2 hours north of Sydney and so much has already been burnt, it is very sad :cry:


I was looking at pictures and videos of the fires and cannot imagine what it must be like. Everywhere was red or orange, people were out in that and everything in the picture was orange with thick smoke all around. It looks like the end of the world, literally. And the animals, the magnificent animals. It’s overwhelming me.


OMG, Sue!

Australia is such a beautiful country to see burn. :anguished: Australia was on my :airplane:Travel Bucket List. I was saddened listening to the news and watching the videos about the :fire:. I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts. Be safe! :hugs: I will do what I can to show my support to the people of Australia.


Sue, I have to ask… considering all the coverage going on, what is your impression of the government’s response to the crisis? We hear only so much that the news gives us and can formulate the impression but you’re in the midst of it and can see firsthand. Is there anything more that could have been done to avert this disaster?

I know I sound nosy, but I’m curious to get your impression of the crisis’ response. I’ve seen what responses were like here for Hurricane Katrina (the difference between the response in Mississippi and Louisiana) and the crisis in California with their wildfires and averting them. We all have opinions on what could be done, but do you think enough is being done?

It’s horrible to think how many people have died and the animals lost to this. It just saddens me greatly because I’ve always thought of Australia as this piece of world of unscathed beauty. My dad even has it on his bucket list to visit. To think her earth is scorched beyond measure is just unfathomable. Makes me think that more could have been done or something to avert most of the damage. Of course, I’m stateside, I can say that.

Either way, a huge dosage of rain would certainly help. Any relief in the forecast?


Lets stay positive and pray for them, only God can see us through in all our ramification. God bless A


Oh man, I’ll try my best not to get started on a huge rant, but the government’s response has been disgusting to say the least. Firstly the prime minister going on holiday in the middle of it saying “well I promised my kids a holiday” and the NSW Emergency Services minister also trotting off for a holiday over Christmas! AND they were warned back in April by ex Rural Fire Service leaders and firefighters that this would be the worse bushfire season on record, because of everything - the drought, the increased fuel load for fires etc and it was recommended to the government to prepare an emergency action plan and they ignored it (because the current government is a coal loving government that doesn’t believe in climate change).

They only just decided to bring in the army on the worst day last week - despite the fires starting in September and getting really bad in November. And it took until Saturday for them to put money towards water-bombing aircraft which was asked for months ago. And the budget for the Rural Fire Service was literally cut in half, so they had to rely even more on volunteer help and fundraising from the community. It is unfathomable. There was more money allocated in the NSW budget for a new football stadium than for the Rural Fire Service (who do the majority of the bush fire fighting) CRAZY!

Almost all the fire fighting is done by volunteers and the leader of the country said we didn’t need to give them any money because they want to be doing it. They later relented and offered 20 days pay to the volunteers (if they met certain conditions - which many didn’t) despite most of them working for months on end. But hey - he can go on holiday to Hawaii and have a nice time while the country burns.

Even worse is the murdoch press currently spouting misinformation (saying the fires are caused by arsonists - when in fact the numbers include anyone who was fined for lighting fires on a total fire ban day, arson that has nothing to do with the bush (ie a house) etc) Only 1 person has been charged with bush fire related arson. Social media misinformation is SCARY!

And the people that are blaming the “greens” for not allowing backburns and that being the “cause” of the fires is infuriating. The head of the Rural Fire Service - the one who is responsible for it all here in NSW - the worst affected state, says that is simply not true. I also found this article this morning which presents a factual basis as to the cause.

(by the way, this is my held back rant hahaha)

No real rain in the forecast for months, we are right in the middle of summer, so who knows how long it will burn for :cry: