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Authentication Required


Is anyone getting else the Authentication Required box when they navigate Fiverr? It says that Fiverr96.fiverr.com80 needs a username and passwords. I’ve never had that happen before. I went to check a message I got from a prospective client and that’s the message I’m getting. I can hit cancel and still navigate the website but I don’t feel comfortable answering messages or anything else until I know the issue is taken care of. I’ve tried using Fiverr normally via both Chrome and Firefox… both demand this. :frowning:

I’m going to run a virus check but something feels off!


Contact Customer Support because that seems odd.


I’ve done this the moment I had the issue.

I’m not having a problem with any other website - I’ve checked out other websites that require a log-in and nothing

just Fiverr.

It's very annoying to say the least.


I got that notification too when I got on to check my Fiverr. This definitely seems really unusual.


I have been a member for several years. This morning I received the same error message as you did - first time ever. I e-mailed customer support


Reply to @deadsmile41: Well, I am glad to see I am not alone… I ran a virus check - full blown - and it’s not a virus… I had four tracking cookies, typical BS… but this needs to be fixed. I am not comfortable doing business on fiverr until I know this is done. And, I have orders coming due…


Are any of ya’ll do the buyer’s requests? Because that’s when it happened to me… I had a message from a potential buyer and then it started


I get it when I enter site, change pages no matter what. Glad it was not just me.


Some sub domains of fiverr are for experimental features as such are password protected.

Please make sure you navigate your browser to and you’ll be just fine.


Reply to @ozzieuk: I do that. In fact, my browser automatically opens up to

I even click on your link in the message and it still takes me to authentication required.

Nope not fine here.


As it currently stands, navigation through Fiverr is now better. As of five minutes ago, I no longer have the pop-up box. Thank goodness! Let’s hope it stays that way.


I’m getting it too


I’m still getting it when I open via


Has anyone else contacted customer support?


I got it again… I left the gym one hour and it is back with a vengeance.


I am also getting this, could this be a tracker a hacker added? To get users to input their login info so they can steal the funds?


I just received this same message and simply clicked outside of the box and navigated to my TO-DO’s without issue. Given the amount of phishing that goes on with this site, I would caution anyone to give his or her details.


Reply to @ozzieuk: Hey Wayne, let me message you this screen shot I just grabbed and see if you see anything (ph)fishy. The attachment will not upload here for some reason. I would love for everyone to see it so maybe you can upload in your reply.


If any mod sees this, I have attached a file of what it looks like, please fix ASAP…Don’t want to risk anything.


Yeah I just started getting it. I’m signed into it fine and can view orders and such. I just click on cancel and everything is good. I’m not putting my username/password in just in case it’s some hacker trying to steal my info. I will contact support now about it.