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Auto-accepting orders?

Hello fiverr,
I am relatively new seller, so far I am content with Fiverr, but there is one feature that bugs me. I have noticed, that when someone is ordering my gig, it is auto-accepted without me being able to review the requirements. This leads to unpleasant experience when I sometimes notice I am not able to complete (or am currently flooded) the gig so I have to cancel it which leads to lower ratings.
My question is: is there any way I can review gig orders before they are automatically accepted? I have set gig limit to one, which I believe means that when I have one active gig others can’t order. This is great, but it still doesn’t address auto-acceptance of gigs I am not able to do.

Thanks in advance for help, adamekwin!


Hello, there is an option in Requirements page that you should check this box. It says “Mandatory”


first of all, thank you for your reply. My gig has one mandatory requirement. It requires buyer to write specifications and version of application they are using, the answer is supposed to be “free text”. But buyer just fills that textbox and upon submitting I just see I have a new order (and it is already accepted).

There’s no option for the seller to accept/decline an order before it starts. Though you can add text to your gig saying “please message me before ordering” or something.


Ah, thank you. That is a pity :frowning: Most of my cancelled orders (3 out of 4) come from this type of orders :confused: Fortunately, most of the users message first.

Yeah. I don’t like this very much, because sometime the buyers make orders which are too low the price (30% of the actual amonut of work) and I’m so busy with other jobs and didn’t notice it (let alone don’t have time to check for it) and these orders ruin my reputation.


True, This is something I thought was a bug too. Just had a cancelled order due to auto acceptance. It would be great if Fiver allows the seller to review the orders first before accepting even if it is one of the packages. Hopefully this gets implemented in the future.

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