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Auto Complete Status Not Working?


I wonder if any of you experience this annoying things too…?

Usually after we deliver an order, the order status will change from delivered to completed within 3 days. But this month i experience all of my order stuck on delivered status even after one week (friend of mine even have orders that completed early this month still stuck on that status until now).

Do i have to force my buyer to leave feedback? You all know that is very rare buyer are eager to leave feedback.

If my buyer still not responding how can i receive my money?

I tried to contact fiverr customer service to have no response until now…

Right now i really considering to close all of my gigs. This is really bad experience (for me atleast) to work hard on fiverr gigs but not receive any money.


Noticed this about an hour ago, have sent a report to customer support and will update this post.


@ozzieuk - Thanks for that, just noticed quite a few of mine from the 25th onwards are sitting there.


I’m having this problem too, I was about to write a new thread about it until I saw this posted up!

The only thing you can do is submit a ticket to customer support and they will (eventually) mark it as complete for you. I’ve just submitted my 2nd ticket about this problem.

I would suggest you keep a close eye on your delivered gigs, if after day 4 they are not marked as complete by the system then you ought to contact support straight away as even after they mark it as complete you still have to wait another 2 weeks before you can withdraw the money!


Hey Guys

Just had an update from support that they are looking into the issue if you do have any concerns that orders are not complete when they should drop Customer Support a message with the order numbers, they have sorted mine (got 4 pages of those)


This is officially my worst day on fiverr. I tried to make buyer give a review on completed order. But he think of somewhat else :frowning:

I mean…is it so hard to click a big thumbup or thumbdown button ?

Is there any fiverr official here? I really need help on my order :frowning:


I just write to support another message, since its been 13 hours and i haven’t receive any response from them.

And hopefully the fiverr team able to fix this bugs soon, because obviously we do not want to message support each time we want to receive our money.


To be fair they are right in that a buyer does not have to leave a rating and your turn of phrase will probably have upset them, your lucky as they could have gone and left a negative review :wink:

Putting “could you just click that thumbup button” is not the way to go.


Yes,same to mee,


what is wrong with fiverr support…24 hours and my request status is Awaiting assignment to a support agent ?