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Auto-completed order

Today our first order has been completed by fiverr auto complete system,buyer did not review us,can it effect our profile.


Hello! As far as I know, the order is marked as “auto-completed” if the buyer didn’t marked it as complete himself in the period of three days. The buyer can leave a review in the time frame of 14 days from the delivery. Did you check when was the last time that the buyer was active on Fiverr?


Celebrate completing your first order!

Reviews are entirely optional and so are comments from the buyer. Do not contact the buyer to try to solicit a review or even mere feedback or you risk receiving a permanent warning.

I believe the deadline for a review to be made is 10 days after an order completes, not 14.


no, there will no effect on your profile


No,it is Not effect for your Fiverr profile,