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Auto Completion, 1 Star reviews

So something that seems to happen to me a lot is sending an order over to a buyer who then lets the order sit for a week or so, comes back and sees that it is completed and then gives a 1 star review.

I’m hoping we can brainstorm some ideas for this? I would say that MOST of my bad reviews are because of this, an order auto completes, the client things I have just completed the order unfinished and am leaving them in the dark, when In reality at every single step of my delivery process and before they even order, I explain the importance of clicking “request revision”.

I do get a lot of orders, so it is harder for me to micromanage if someone hasn’t clicked “request revision” but when they leave for weeks at a time, come back, see it complete, then review me 1 star, how do I combat this?

Just would be curious to see what anyone else does on here, if maybe some ideas to combat this.

Thank you!
Rob W

I mean one thing Fiverr could do would be to let the sellers have control over if the order completes or not, for example:

Right now after 3 days it auto completes, if I had it my way I would never want an order to auto complete, I mean I understand at some point it has to, but at least give us the seller a way to add time on, or to contact the buyer before this happens, or to even choose the auto complete time, I’d have mine at 5 days or more if I could.

When I deliver an order to a new buyer I remind the buyer that the order will auto-complete in 3 days. If I don’t hear back before the 3 days is up, I send a second reminder. So far, not one has given me a 1 star review after an auto-completion. Granted, most of my orders lately are bulk and many are regular buyers who know how things work. I glanced at your profile and you seem to have a long streak (couple of weeks) of high reviews and just one 1-star with a complete complaint.


Yeah I mean I have had 3 1 star reviews in the last month or so and none of them had anything to do with anything I did wrong, just extremely frustrating.

And yeah I explain it when I deliver also, but people don’t seem to read what I write, I’d say 30-40% of people don’t read it.

It sounds like you do a high volume of single orders which is kind of different from mine, but if you can find time to send a second reminder it might help. I wouldn’t worry about it unless your statistics are being heavily affected and then it’s probably worth it. One TRS I know used to hire an actual secretary to deal with the smaller customer service tasks. Of course, I think he was making 5-6 figures a year! :exploding_head:

Yeah, I’ve made a PDF to deliver with every order explaining things and with a link to my profile page on Fiverr. I just get frustrated with it is all :confused: I like to make sure everyone gets exactly what they want so when someone thinks I’m ignoring them, or I completed the order half finished it bothers me.

But I contacted them so hopefully we can get it sorted out.

I had something similar happen. I wrote to the Buyer and explained to him how a bad review hurts me. He wrote back apologizing that it was an intern that worked for him that left the review without his knowledge and he changed the review to five stars and left a glowing review.

The same thing happened with me today. 2 orders completed automatically, then 2 stars review.

well i am not facing like that case so i dont know that how to handle with that problem

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