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Auto-completion of order isn't working for me

I have been at Fiverr for two years. During this time, there have been changes in policies to favor buyers that seem justified. But now, it appears that policies in favor of buyers are going just above the line creating another headache for sellers.
It was Fiverr’s policy that an order gets automatically completed after three days when buyer doesn’t respond. Happened to me even with revised orders, plenty of time.
But now, I just came to know that for an order in revision, if the buyer doesn’t mark it complete it doesn’t get auto-completed after three days of delivery with no response from buyers. Like, you may have to wait forever for the buyer to come online again or just cancel the order and sink all the money you actually worked for.
When my order didn’t get complete even after 6 days, I contacted CS. Surprisingly, they said either I can cancel the order or wait for the buyer to respond (which may take God knows how long!)
So folks, we have a new headache here…
Anybody else experienced this yet?


This seems very strange. I think someone must have been mistaken.

I would request that someone else at CS take a look at this.

This wouldn’t make sense, to have delivered orders hanging forever in limbo.


I wasn’t aware of this. I just had an order auto-complete about a week ago, so I think that might be a bug on your end. Of course, I’ve had auto-completes take up 4 days. Never 6, though. When did this start?


Thank you for this important update. Seems very frustrating. I am thinking that I will now ask to my every new clients about their online activity or check their profile. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Was this old order that was in revision for long time? And you delivered it recently?

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Exactly. The CSR told me that he was unable to accept the order on the behalf of buyer so all I could do is to wait for my buyer’s response or cancel the order…


It’s been ten days now. The page itself says that the order will be auto-completed in three days, since 27th of October. And Neither customer support is able to complete the project. I am just stuck…

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Another headache for sellers…

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Yes, for like a month due to unresponsiveness of buyer. After waiting a lot, I just delivered on whatever he asked in the official revision request.

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Customer support said that once an order is in revision, it won’t get auto-completed until buyer approves it.

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I just got an order automatically completed. I think you got a wrong message.


That is probably it. Old orders can’t be automatically completed. I have few orders that are just “delivered”. CS told me before that only buyer can mark it as completed due old order. They never told me how much time needs to pass on revision for order to become like that tho.


This is the response I got from customer support upon which I initiated this thread.


So what you’re gonna do about them? Just hang in like forever?


Either there’s this rule or I am just getting scammed :frowning:


So we can ask buyers to mark our orders complete?


I’m confused about this post. Yes, if your order is in revision, it will remain in revision until you revise and deliver it again. It’s considered open and won’t autocomplete. It’s been like this since 2015 when I joined.

Moreover, if your buyer requests revision by mistake or changes their mind, they can’t just mark the order as complete when it’s “in revision”. You’ll have to deliver the files again for them to do that.

It’s nothing new.


That’s what the OP did, delivered it again, but it didn’t autocomplete.


This has to be a bug. I think someone else in CS should answer. If this was something new fiverr is doing people on the forum would be reporting it more.


It says

but now, I just came to know that for an order in revision

which is why I’m confused. If it’s in revision, it won’t autocomplete.

If it is delivered but won’t autocomplete and Customer Support is acting funny, you can wait for a few days, create another ticket and ask another CS agent. CS agents don’t read/don’t understand us well sometimes.

I had to close 2 tickets this year because CS agent couldn’t speak proper English and would just randomly copy/paste stuff unrelated to my inquiry. It’s just something to consider. Sometimes they have no idea what they’re talking about.