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Auto-completion of order isn't working for me

I think that by waiting for one month before you re-delivered, the system broke down.

I wouldn’t wait that long for a response. I would wait 24 hours to hear back from the buyer, then re-deliver.

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I had a reject, yesterday just entered the autocomplete.

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Yes, if now 24 hours or 3 days, one can’t really expect from a seller to wait for an unspecified or too long time to get the revision requirements.

If I’d not get the requirements for the modification within a sensible time frame, I’d also redeliver and ask them to send info about whatever they want revised.

Perhaps there’s something in the system that has to do with the 30 days max delivery time that causes troubles handling that, in any case it seems to be some oversight.


In a way it makes sense. If the seller leaves a delivery on hold for a month, then they could possibly be gaming the system hoping the buyer would be gone or have forgotten or lost interest.

A seller should never leave a re-delivery on hold for a month for any reason.

Actually my mistake is that, I was being nice on my part. My buyer immediately sent the revision request after initial delivery (within half an hour) by saying that he likes what is there but he needs more and he has further requirements that he will tell me later.
Since, I did not get the proper instructions from buyer, I waited before re-delivering it. I kept messaging him but couldn’t get those instructions. Once my buyer replied me that it is some kind of their national celebration holiday thing and he will get back to me after that. Didn’t get any reply after that.
My mistake was being nice to wait for him.
Although CS checked all his activity and our chat, they didn’t mention anything about the timeline of revision which is hindering auto-completion.
But, that’s the only thing to make sense now, otherwise auto-completion is working for all others.
Lesson learnt… and lost money against my efforts.

If you feel that’s being nice then what else is being nice? You obviously were harming yourself by waiting for someone who didn’t give you any courtesy.

Don’t call waiting endlessly being nice. This is the result.

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I can confirm you after some days that if the redelivered orders automatically completes or not.

Yes, that’s it. Fiverr will also not hang percentage! (if the order is not completed fiverr will also not get there percentage.)

If it is in revision, it won’t complete, deliver the files again and it will be completed automatically after 3 days

There is no response from the buyer in my case after trying couple of times.

Lesson learnt. Won’t wait for the buyers again.

I checked. My other orders are getting auto-completed even after revisions were requested. Only this one is having an issue and now I think it will be in “delivered” as long as I work on Fiverr, until I cancel it.

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same here friend. No response.

Is there any update? @aqsak192

Here it is, btw. An enlightening read, to say the least.

My buyer didn’t respond and it is in my delivered orders since then.

That’s very dangerous. Nothing prevents this buyer from coming back now or years from now and ask you for another revision. It’s a nightmare, I would try contacting CS again.

My order was in revision for over a month because my buyer asked me to “hold” for instructions. I gently did, and keep messaging him/her to provide instructions. I had worked on the project in the first place so definitely didn’t want to cancel. When I delivered what I was instructed initially, my order didn’t get completed, as explained above.
I contacted CS, they said only buyer can accept this completion, we can’t or you may cancel it.
I contacted buyer but no response although that account is in constant use. I reported that buyer but still no harm to him/her as that’s a “Top Buyer” account. So, my money is just hanging in there.

This is risky and I know you don’t want to cancel, but…do you think it might help if you request a cancellation, and politely explain to the buyer that you don’t want to cancel, but they’re leaving you no other option since they’re not marking the order as complete? And also to mention that, once the cancellation goes through, they won’t have any legal rights to use any of the work you’ve sent them?

Just a thought, and I have no idea if it would really help, except that, after the cancellation, you’d be able to block the buyer, so they can’t do it to you again.

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I have been on Fiverr since 2014 and have had lots of orders get rejected by buyers and then later auto-complete after 3 days once I delivered again.

This message is incredibly disturbing. it’s either a major change in the way things have run for a long time, or there is a confused customer service team member running amok.

I don’t offer revisions on any gigs, for a variety of reasons. However, that doesn’t stop some buyers from mashing the request revision button.

If those orders are not going to autocomplete, then Fiverr is screwing over sellers big time. If a buyer decides to disappear, they can use my work and I never get paid?