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Auto Decreasing On-time Delivery rate

Anyone tell me why did this happen?. Last 4 days I completed 2 order. One is 11/7/19, Delivered onetime and completed it 90%. Then after 20 hours it auto decreased by 89%. 12/7/19 I got new order and completed, fast delivered and completed 90%. Then again after 15 hours it auto decreased by 89%. Please tell why did this happen? why it’s auto decreasing?. I will be lost my label one. It’s not possible to get a new order within 20 hours.

Your stats are based on the last 60 days. I have found it takes about five on-time deliveries to nullify one late delivery.

This post explains it better.


Oh! i see::cry: last 5 orders in one order has late delivery. Thanks for response me.