Auto-Deleting Messages?


Has anyone ever experienced Fiverr automatically deleting a message in a thread? I had a customer who is new to Fiverr email and ask me if I wanted her to send payment right away. Well, I never saw that message or I could have politely directed her to the gig ordering screen, instead of having to apologize a few days later because the message disappeared. I would have thought nothing of it, except that she just copied and pasted the same message, and I can see it in my notifications, but when I open the message thread, it doesn’t exist! Anybody ever have that happen?

I was wondering in perhaps they deleted it because it contained one of those keywords they don’t like us using (payment) in case we’re trying to send an order offsite, but if so it resulted in poor service to this particular customer and I think it might be going a bit overboard in preventative measures.


I face same problem. Client always give important information for work at message box but when the message was gone, I will clueless and need to asking my client again.

It can effect delivery order if the client late to respond.