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Auto gig changed


Hi every one.
actually i,m facing a problem…

my profile was demoted to level one in this month. now this time i am level 1.
my 1 gig check list is automatically change, only two option are available that is logo transparency and source file. i can,t see my all other options like social media kit, high resolution , vector file and stationary design. when i send custom offer or buyer request , buyer ask me you can,t mention vector files , social media kit in the offer, than what can i do.

i just convinced my clients to trust me . i can send you.
but any body help me about this critical condition .


Perhaps it is is because level 1 does not get as many features. Level 2 has more extras, multiples, etc as you can see on the Levels page. (This is a guess since your issue seems timed with your demotion.)


thank @fonthaunt
but new seller has all the options to send custom offers or buyer requests. my two gigs has changed, all other gigs are all the options available .


Perhaps you can ask Support. In the meantime you could manually write in what the client will receive in your custom offer.


Yes, I’ve noticed this too. I usually have the options to select word count, layout, and typography in BRs and custom offers. But, I don’t see them anymore! I think this happened yesterday.

I think I’ll have to contact CS too… hmm

P.S: I always mention what the customer is getting in the BR request description or custom offer description. In addition to this, I also type in the word count and check whatever box is appropriate for typography and layout. I do this in order to reduce the chances of confusion with the clients.


Interesting. It could be a glitch. I haven’t noticed anything similar but I guess I have a habit of manually listing what will be provided. The checkboxes are useful but limited. If you or the OP gets info on this from Support I hope you’ll update the thread. :slight_smile:


i write it manually but some client can,t trust to the sellers.


That doesn’t make sense to me. Checkboxes or written quotes mean the same. Good luck either way.