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Auto Message Sender

I do not know how many people will find it interesting and fiverr developers will take notice of it or not.

Anyways I think there should be auto message feature on fiverr. This would help us attend the enquiries while we are asleep. You cannot be online 24X7 and there is also problem of timezones.

So whenever a enquiry or message comes, system will trigger a message to sender set by the seller. For example “I am away right now will get back to you asap” or " Its night time here your enquiry will be answered in morning at priority"

Please share your views.

Akash @makemyintro

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This has ALREADY been implemented by Fiverr.

And buyer’s get a pop-up notification with similar message.

Please search the forum for prior discussions regarding the implementation of this feature.

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:thinking: in a bad mood today DJ?

I like the OP’s idea. I posted something similar a while back. I would love an option which would enable me to set specific messages on auto reply.


Lol… not at all, quite the contrary. :slight_smile:

But Maddie already made a post about this a while back I believe, or someone did, where a buyer now gets notified that its either am/pm on the seller’s end.

I just do not have the time to dig up the place of conversation at the moment, that’s all.


You must have read the message in the right context? I know fiverr shows the night time of seller’s place. It does not mean that in night time only seller is away :grinning:

Thats why it is said think twice before speaking anything. Lol :joy:

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I get both points. I think it’s cool that Fiverr has it, but I know a lot of sellers choose to work at night in there zone, so I think in my own post (which I don’t have time to find either) I wondered if it would be good or bad.

I’d like to see an option to turn it off as well as a way to make your own manual vacay or away messages on a timer.

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You got my point in the right context. Thank You. :slight_smile:

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yes @makemyintro you are right. i was also looking for such option.:grinning thanks

Good idea ! I am also looking something similar feature