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Auto refresh extension on buyer Request Page

Hey, Can I use autorefresh extension on chrome on Fiver Buyer Request Page to see the buyer REQUEST?
Is it legal or not ? if its illegal what problem I face?Thanks


I think it it illegal. Previously most of the sellers use that. But now you can’t use that. Don’t put your account in trouble. Don’t try to find quickest way. Stay calm and waiting for a miracle. One day you can become a top seller. I wish you


yeah same here

some one say this is legal you can use it on Buyer Request Page I am confused Thanks for your Help


:thinking: :thinking:

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If you will generate enough requests to the server by those automatic refreshes you will trigger a captcha screen and your trick will become useless. Further more if you are not online to make an offer when the offer appears, by the time you get to your computer the request will disappear. So it is pretty pointelss to use an auto refresh extension.

Good luck


Instead of asking if it’s legal why not ask if it’s effective?

Why not ask why you believe gaming the system will help you get sales instead of actually improving your business and learning how sales works?

Why are you trying to find out how to game the system?

It doesn’t work. You know how I know this? Because I researched how business actually works instead of trying to take lazy, manipulative shortcuts.

People want to see who is actually online, not who is pretending to be online. Stop trying to trick people.


still i used it on my fiver account and i not trigger with captcha screen,but my request will disappear when i get to my computer I think you are right this is pointless Thanks bro for guidance

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yeah you are right i am not a lazzy person but its hard to me refresh the page every 5 minutes to stay online…and so i ask you Is it effective way to stay online without facing any problem?
i know its not a good way but how i stay online 24hrs?


Don’t do this kind of bad exercise, Please follow fair use of policy.

I just told you that it is unethical and ineffective to pretend to be online when you are not, so why are you asking me again?

This doesn’t help you get sales, anyway.

Stop trying to game the system and learn how business actually works.

I agree with @humanissocial . This is illegal and Fiverr safety and trust team is working on it. If you keep doing this i am sorry to inform you , your account get banned. Thanks

I agree with you :). Even a few months ago, I read an article about Fiverr accounts got banned.

thanks sister I will do effort on this and i run business in effective way but how i stay online without refreshing the page ?

Don’t call me sister. Goodness, you’re unprofessional.


Tip: Suggest you do not address others as dear, brother, sister, mate, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

thanks i will remember this

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I apologize you, I am on learning.

then how do i address them, any suggestions…? -.-

Just a simple thanks on the forum is sufficient.

If you are using Buyer Requests:

Check this out: How To Get More Orders From Buyer Requests! .... Simple Tip!

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