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Auto Refresh Extension”

i can use Auto Refresh Extension” in my browser ?? i wait for reply


Funnily enough, this question was asked several times today:


Ha Ha Ha… The taste of the buyer request.


If people would stop trying to get shortcuts to success and focused on doing some actual work then they might get somewhere.
I hope you get banned for using it.


second that! :slight_smile:


It’s ridiculous. This guy has already had 2 accounts disabled for “unknown reasons” according to one of of his previous forum posts and still using unethical methods.


To be fair, he seems to have learnt his lesson. This time he didn’t jump the gun on the illegal activity, he did state he would wait for our reply on the matter.


Firstly, i think using auto refresh to get a fresh list of buyers request isn’t wrong in principle, but it’s a technique via which you can fool the system into thinking you are always online. That’s why the robot detection system on Fiverr’s site will flag and block you eventually.

I can understand the frustration new sellers have seeing a dry list of buyers request but let’s not try to game the system.

EDIT: I just noticed you are a L1 seller. Buddy, you should know better.


I’m sure there are a lot of sellers using auto refresh but it doesn’t help sell anything.
What’s the point? You think someone is going to buy from you just because you are shown as online, when you actually are not even there to respond?

If you really are online you can chat with someone who messages you and hopefully make a sale. But just to be shown online does nothing.

Or is it for some other reason you use it? Stop trying to trick the system. You won’t get more sales, and might be banned again.


Exactly. I saw the other thread where this started. The OP of this thread was told by another forum member that they use auto refresh to make sure they show online (BTW completely unnecessary). Of course the OP took off with it and created their own thread because their answer was never received in the other thread.

Some people work hard to get to success. Some people look for short cuts and hand outs. It’s just they way it is.



Why would a seller want to appear online 24-7? Nothing to gain! We’re humans we have a life outside of Fiverr. If it’s humanly impossible for me to stay online 24-7, why in the world would I use an auto-refresh thingy!

It’s utterly pointless!


You can have a thread on this forum with some of the greatest advice you can think of (and they are out there). These sellers will ignore every word of valuable information and hang tight to the one bit of information that looks like a trick/hack/cheat. That is what they gravitate to. Not hard work, but the cheating edge.


Also, let us not forget about the shady web and self-proclaimed Guru’s :roll_eyes: are telling them they will mek sells. Oh, and the :heart: gigs exchange is another lame tactic. :woman_facepalming:t4:


These important comments are for my question. I’m proud of you all. You are all my good friends I get a good warning for my fiverr account. May be fiverr will banded me if I didn’t ask you for my fault. Thank you all for safe me and safe my career :blush::blush::blush:

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thank you for your info ,

Thank you for your info ,

why you hard me ? i don’t using unethical methods .i just want to know about this

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