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Auto Refresh Extension”

Thank You . for your info , it’s really helpful for me i don’t using this

Q. What is the reason for asking about using an Auto Refresh Extension?
A. You want to make a buyer think you are online when you are not.

Do you believe lying to clients is good?


Okay Thank you for your nice Info

It appears I’m not the only one who got this message. :coffee:

Lesson learned? You will never, like ever use Auto Refresh, correct?


Basically these are some shit tricks mentioned in many website that by using this you get sales :stuck_out_tongue: That is the reason some people believe it but I would suggest everyone to not use such things. If there was something like that FIVERR would have atleast nentioned, “The more you are online the more sales you get” but nothing like that is there.

So, don’t try to use these tricks

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Thank You Bro…for your nice info…

Keep calm, I see you’ve been a bit battered on this thread. Just stop using auto refreshers, and adjust your business to reflect the time you are actually online. Best of luck mate, you deserve to be successful, allow yourself to be it by shedding negative behaviors.

With love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


Yes Thank You , i don’t use .i just want to know ,okay i understand again thank you

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The fact that the “show online sellers” option doesn’t work means there would be a lot less reason to use an auto-refresh extension even if Fiverr allowed it and even if buyers were happy to receive a reply to a message many hours after they sent one even when it showed a person was online.


Plz Correction your last line, NOT I HOPE THAT BE (I THINK).

He should be banned on fiverr and All others, Who’s trying to cheat fiverr and lying to the systems :smile:

how to use in ,my browser i dont khnow

Don’t do it bro, just forget trying that trick. It doesn’t work.

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I Don’t think it is unnecessary. Don’t do that.

Nice info dear thanks for the detailed valuable reply

Thank you this is very meaning full.