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Auto refresh tool to refresh buyer requests page

Hi, I’m new on fiver, Idk if it’s been asked before. But, can I use any “auto-refresh” extension to get buyer requests? And by that I mean, when I’m working online, I have to refresh the page manually to see if there are any new buyer requests or not, that way mostly I forget to refresh the page for so many minutes. I want to use some extension, so when it’s refreshed after every couple of minutes, I’ll see the page loading and will check the Fiverr tab to see if I got any new buyer requests.

So is this legal? Can I do it?

PS: I know that this doesn’t get me any orders, but maybe I’ll get some buyer requests by constantly refreshing?


I think it’s now a good idea I read many blogs and I think it’s not good idea to refresh page with extension.

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I read blogs as well, just wanted to hear what experts have to say about this!

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manually reload your page

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I keep forgetting about it :frowning:

Hmm set an alarm on your PC or mobile for this problem I mean set a alarm every 10 mints or 5 mints according to your need this will help you.


That’s a nice idea actually, I’ll do that.

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I think fiverr did’t allow us to ad autorefresh extention because fiverr need your active ness so stay active and check again and again other menu.

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