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Auto Refresher Useful or Not Useful?

Some peoples telling these days fiverr get down impressions using auto refresher tool. But Impressions , clicks, and orders depend with your past works and key tags. All time can’t achieve the good impressions. Because a lot of people doing selling on fiverr. Then buyers coming for their needs and they watched some gigs when you online or not. but good percentage have to get order onliner. when you used the auto refresher it’s never giving orders. send Buyer Request make impressed imagers for gig. Its Useful like Auto Refresher.
Any one have more experience Comment on here… Its my pleasure

That was kind of hard to try to comprehend, but I’ll just cut to the chase.

Auto-refresher apps/programs are great…to get you warnings and eventually kicked off the platform. Being seen as online provides an incredibly limited and minimal increase in gig visibility only to buyers with a specific search filter setting and doesn’t come close to making up the risk of having your account banned.


Thats good brother witch page did you use auto refresher?

You’ve completely misunderstood what I posted.

I do not use an auto refresher and have never used an auto refresher. I value my account and presence on Fiverr.

If you do not, then go right ahead and use whatever you want to your heart’s content, “brother.”


sorry brother. misunderstand it.

@enunciator is politely trying to tell you that using auto refreshers is against the Fiverr TOS and if you are found using one (and you will be found out if you use one), you risk having your account banned from Fiverr.


I thought I was being pretty darn direct. Guess I was wrong. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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more people telling this. is this true?

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I thought you were as well, but I don’t think he got past the first sentence in your second paragraph…!

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Just do a quick forum search of “auto refresher” and you will quickly find out that this is a fairly common question and with a CLEAR, DEFINITIVE answer.

Don’t just take my word for it if you are still doubtful.


ok brother. just for research man new comers :upside_down_face:

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