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Auto replies to requests - very sub par!

I’m finding Fivverr to be frustrating as a buyer. I posted a request for marketing help, to promote my ebooks. The offers came back immediately (Suggesting bots, or automatic replies). Some came a bit later, but not a single one actually referenced my ebooks, or even demonstrated that they’d read my request or done any research whatsoever. A good majority of them weren’t even grammatically correct! How can they offer book marketing services if they can’t construct sentences properly? Sorry, but Fivverr appears to be riddled with these “dodgy” sellers.



Sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience. The Buyers Request section can produce some really fantastic sellers, but it’s also a place where a lot of sellers who are under-qualified and desperate to make a sale hang-out, and it sounds like your request has unfortunately attracted the attention mostly of the latter.

Have you tried using the Browse/Search function of Fiverr to reach out to some Sellers instead? That way, you can find people who have a proven track record, you can view samples of their work and drop them a message instead? We’re in a totally different niche to the one you’re looking for, but we’re an experienced seller and honestly, we never use or even look in the Buyers Request section.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying to disregard the Buyers Request feature - but you should definitely be combining it with some proactive searching and shortlisting of sellers, I wouldn’t recommend relying on it alone… a lot of Sellers are like us, and don’t ever visit the Buyers Request section, so you could be missing out on some quality sellers.

Good luck!


That’s not true :wink:
Unfortunately buyer requests was created as an add on feature on fiverr and it mostly attract sellers who doesn’t have enough sales.
You can also see great sellers there but it’s quite rare.
All great sellers are already fully booked and they rarely look at buyer request section.

If you want to find someone more qualified you might want to use search function or look at fiverr pro gigs. (But of course don’t expect great service in the same 5-50$ category)