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Auto reply option!

There’s a limit to the amount of space in the gig description and there’s a limit of 10 questions in the FAQ. Also buyers don’t always fully read the description.

eg. In a gig I say right near the top that I use software X for that gig, and I get a message saying they have a project and I must use software Y for it (which I don’t have). That’s another place where an auto-response could have been used - I’d already said I used software X in the description and they didn’t read it. If I’d mentioned software Y anywhere in the gig to say I don’t use it that would have helped find the gig if anyone searched for that (giving irrelevant search results).

Yes but often a professional response can come off as if a bot wrote it. Eventually even the person sayings comes of as robotic.

Yes but the determination if you can fulfill an order is based on what the buyer is asking so you have to respond anyway.

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Would you like to get a auto reply when inquiring?

Of course if it gave me helpful/useful information and gave a reply hours faster than a real reply. If what I asked couldn’t be answered properly with an auto reply or wasn’t, the seller could reply manually as soon as they could.

Fiverr is basically doing things similar to Amazon in some ways (I’m sure they said something like that), eg. allowing simple ordering of services as easily as you could order a product on Amazon. Amazon has the automated help chat thing (customer support) before you get passed onto a real person if that can’t help you enough. So they could do the same sort of thing for buyers asking questions to sellers.

Apparently all this people telling is a bad idea dont have any problem answering while they are sleeping or at sunday when clients write…We really need this function!!


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