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Auto-Review for 5 Star Orders?

As a Fiverr seller, reviews are critical to my services, as they allow me to, at certain points, begin to charge more, as there is a positive review base to raise the prices on. However, as all sellers know, customers, even if they do give a complete 5 star rating, sometimes do not take the time to do a review, even if it is the automatic ‘Outstanding experience’ posted if nothing is filled in.

My suggestion is this - Having ‘Outstanding experience’ posted even when the customer does not click the button or submit a review, if they left a complete 5 star rating. It allows sellers to get the feedback they deserve, along with the boost to their reputations for their hard-earned work.

But you are assuming that the buyer wants to say that. The whole purpose of being able to write a review is just that, so it adds a real element to the star rating which is automated. I would not like that at all as a buyer if the system were to put words in my mouth.

No chance. leaving a 5-star review as default. How about 3 star rating

It could work against you if a buyer didn’t leave a review for a service they disliked because they are nice enough to just stay neutral. If they see an automatic 5 star. they might edit it to reflect their real opinion which could be worse.

A lot of buyers don’t know automatic 1 star reviews are left after a late delivery cancellation. Most of the time those reviews are deserved by the seller, but once in a while there are mitigating circumstances. I am not sure how I feel about automatic reviews in general.