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Auto-review has terrible artificial intelligence

Don’t you love it when Fiverr holds your message for 24 hours for ToS review for an Express order with a 24 hour deadline. :joy::joy::joy:

I didn’t break the ToS and will find a way around this. I just think it’s funny. They want us to deliver early but don’t mind making us wait for 24 hours when we didn’t even do anything wrong. I thought the purpose of artificial intelligence was to make the work more efficient, not less? Their AI shouldn’t be so sensitive. It should be more intuitive and also incorporate machine learning. Why is it set up to flag you for a word no matter what the context? That’s not even how AI works these days! So below the curve. Wow…


Well, I believe the developers are working harder to make their AI more intuitive. But with the competition and level of internet fraud out there, they have no option other than to program their AI to be more and more sensitive. Just like texting a buyer and you mention money,the test will be flagged immediately. Fiverr AI is one of the most craziest, imagine losing your account just because you never got notify to verify it. If you try to fight it, you can not win.

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Making AI intuitive doesn’t make fraud more likely.

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You are right but it will give room for vulnerability.

Not if it’s truly intuitive, no.

This isn’t an AI. It’s just a simple word association algorithm. That is why it is in no way intuitive.

It’s not really AI…more like A.

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One of my gigs is to record voicemails. Typing “voicemail” in the chat will sometimes flag the message. So I have to type “voice mail” :roll_eyes:


And then “mail” might flag the message.

Yes, I offer email writing but can’t type email and if a buyer types it too often in chat the messages sometimes get sent for review, freezing the conversation. I once inadvertantly typed the word email in a delivery message and it got flagged almost making the delivery late.
The system appears to have no problem with the 3 or 4 upwork offers, masked links, s-kype requests and “hi” messages that I receive daily.

PS I’ve just noticed that on the forum you can’t type s-kype or b-itly and it has a minimum character requirement. If only the messaging system on Fiverr had the same level of filters.

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