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Auto Saving when submitting requirements text box is buggy and super annoying. PLEASE FIX!


Once a buy a gig from a seller I am requested to fill in questions submitted by the seller.

Problem is that as I am typing out the requirements in the text fields the ‘Auto Save’ feature kicks in as I am typing and the autosave feature happens to overwrite words that I wrote or refill in words that I deleted. Try it yourself by entering in text, waiting for the autosave to kick in and then removing the text and see what happens when autosave triggers next.

Im constantly having a fight with the auto save rewriting words and refilling in deleted words.


I have Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) on a Mac OSX 10.11.16.

Please don’t tell me to ‘update my chrome’ to fix the issue. There are plenty of sites out there whose autofix works correctly.


No reply on this since Nov '17, really?
I’ve having the same issue with the auto save kicking in every 3 seconds.

Can you recommended anything? Is it on the bug list?