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Autocomplete but code delivered doesn't work!

“An order is automatically marked as complete 3 days after delivery unless you request modifications or submit an order review within the 3 days”

So what can I do about this - the seller has my money but hasn’t delivered working code. In fact what he did deliver contained a virus (which I commented out). Any recommendations are appreciated!!

You’ll need to contact customer support…

You should still have the option of contacting the seller. Letting them know that you know that what they sent you was nonsense and included a virus and that you’re going to leave a bad review (which is totally deserved, from what I can see here) is usually a surefire way to get your money back.

As long as less than thirteen days have passed, you should be able to request a cancellation through the resolution center. If the seller starts giving you trouble, the best thing to do is, like gailbunning said, to contact customer service and explain the situation. I’m sure they’d love to know that there’s a seller out there selling people what the buyers think is good code, but is actually a virus.