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Autocomplete period extended to 7 days

Did everyone get this email? Another kick in the butt to us sellers who now have to wait extra days for our orders to auto complete, unless the buyer marks them as done. Which is unlikely seeing as it’s almost Christmas Eve.

What’s extra funny is that in the title: Hi ____ they listed the name of one of my buyers, not my seller name.

Nice going, Fiverr!


LOL I just got that email too! Strange… must be a mistake (the name part) … but, 7 days is definitely a jump from 3, and gives unreasonable buyers more time to mull, and decide to think of why they’re not happy with how the transaction went. :neutral_face:


I have yet to see such an email.


Me either. Maybe it is to be timed for when we are asleep.



I think they did this on purpose so we would consider the new “Early Payout” feature. Sigh


Even if you want early payout, you still need to wait the 7 days.

Also, they did the same last year. It’s to allow buyers enough time to check the deliveries…


Just delivered another order and instantly got the email again, lol.
With respective buyer’s name too.
That’s probably why not everyone got one.


no i did not got this…


Here is the letterI just got:

Hi Current Client’s Name oops!,

During the end-of-year period, buyers are less available and can be less responsive. This leads to more autocompleted orders, which can affect buyers’ satisfaction.

For a better experience for both you and your buyers, we’re extending the time they have to review deliveries, from 3 to 7 days. After that time, orders will be automatically marked as completed.

This change applies to all orders delivered between December 23rd, 2020, to December 31st, 2020, 23:59 UTC.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021!
The Fiverr Team

I see no cause for drama as is ti for the holiday season. Probably rather thoughtful.



I did. Maybe everyone who delivered on the 23rd got it?

It’s really nice of Fiverr to make sellers spend the holiday season worrying about everything that could go wrong with those orders. It’s not enough to worry about the pandemic, we need to worry about more things! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I mean, yes, it helps buyers, if the seller needed 3 weeks to deliver and delivers on the Christmas Eve, I’m guessing that buyers would rather spend holidays with their family, not check every detail of a complex delivery. But what about short orders that were placed during the holiday season? If a buyer can place an order during that time, surely they can check the delivery, too? Or is it holiday season for buyers only?


Calm down, a similar situation was last year, and next year it will also be repeated.


It doesn’t mean we have to like it or think it’s a good idea… And the topic is in The Ranting Pot.


Thank you. Someone who remembers this was done last year as well.
Nothing new here folks.



Yeah, this happens every year. I remembered the same reactions of last time. :laughing:


I doubt that we will be able to change anything :slight_smile: It is also worth considering this situation from the buyer’s side, this is not an abstract inscription with the name in your order, these are also real people, and everyone can have an unexpected situation. I have one active order that has been going on for a month now, because the person is stuck in another country due to the pandemic and does not have normal Internet access. I continue to communicate with him normally and make edits that he needs, despite the fact that the order is already 12 days overdue and there is no point in extending the additional time. So I’d rather not be nervous about those seven days of autocompletion :slight_smile:

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Of course not, just utilizing the part of the forum meant for ranting. :slight_smile:


Exactly. I’m not sure why sellers feel entitled to expect their buyers to have to work over the holidays.

Why not build courtesy for buyers into one’s business instead of scrambling at the end of the year? That’s standard for any freelance busines and the nature of being at the end of the quarter AND the end of the year.

If sellers want to be successful freelancers they need to operate like successful freelancers.


I have to admit that in this case I’m mostly thinking about my gigs, and they have relatively short delivery times (plus I often deliver ahead of schedule). In other words, if I’m delivering between 23rd and 31st, the order was placed in that period, too; and if a buyer can place the order during that period (and expect me to work on it), it would be nice of them to check the delivery, as well.

Which is what happened with the order I’ve delivered yesterday; the buyer has marked it as complete.


I actually like the gesture, but at the same time I can’t help but feel a little annoyed with Fiverr for aknowledging that buyers are people and their personal time during holiday season deserves to be respected, while sellers get overlooked.
How about we have late-ish replies to messages not affecting our stats at this time?
Or a disclaimer/reminder for buyers that it might take a little more time for sellers to get back to them kindly asking them to be patient?
Or earnings from the orders with prolonged autocomplete time getting cleared sooner?
Or maybe an extra day to react to a dispute.

One could argue that if a seller isn’t OOO, it means they are available for work as usual and it’s their choice, so normal conditions should apply. But same logic can be applied to buyers placing an order right before or during the holidays. If they placed it, they were ready to review it within usual timeframe (with the exception of the orders with long delivery time placed a while back of course).

The change doesn’t affect me personally in any negative way (other than having a $200 order shift to the next month, making my earnings stats a little off) and I don’t really expect anything of the above to be considered, so it’s just a rant about a general difference in treatment of buyers and sellers.
But I can see how it can be a problem for people in a difficult financial situation.


Thanks goodness it’s only until December 31st.