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Automatic cancellation?


I tried to send fiverr a message using the online form but i just get a message saying delivery failed please try again… which i did numerous times.

So heres my quick question. if you place an order and the buyer does not respond and does not complete the order, is it automatically cancelled and refunded. I have an old order that wasnt completed and i cant find if it was refunded


Yes it happens with me also.

Fiverr always support buyers.


I would contact CS about this issue.


What you can do when that happens is use a different subject matter in that form you have to fill in when you send a question to customer support. It does not have to be the one about orders, it can be any one.

I don’t know why that form on the customer support page does that, says “delivery failed” when you use the form for an order and put in the order number, but I work around it by choosing another form to use that is not about orders. They don’t seem to mind.