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Automatic Cancelled Orders Should be Reviewable

A quick rant: Because my current resume does not seem to be attracting desired positions I decided I should have my resume “professionally” written. I placed an order to have a resume written and the seller, who was very polite, didn’t ask any questions and just had me upload my current cover letter and resume; okay… done.

The seller came back with a templated resume (fine) with what looked like industry jargon sprinkled throughout what was already written. No proper structure to the line items, no flow, and poor placement of words. On top of that, the photograph I provided was skewed and looked horrifying.

I asked the seller to please revise with much better care because there is no way a hiring manager would hire me based on that copy; in fact, they would likely file it in the trash bin. A day goes by and they submit the next revision. Outside of shifting things around, there were ZERO quality improvements, the image was never fixed, and some line items had periods while others did not.

Rather than continue with this seller I simply stated “I’m sorry but this just isn’t going to work for me and that I would like to cancel the order.” and therefore created a dispute. Rather than responding to the dispute they simply let it ride until Fiverr automatically cancelled the order.

Why is it that I cannot leave a review for their terrible work? I now see why they had a 4.9 rating. I’m not a seller but I can imagine this is their way of getting around people that are simply not satisfied with their poor work. Yes, I cancelled the order and I am no longer their “client” but it’s because the service was poor and I should be able to leave a review for that.

Not being able to leave reviews for cancelled orders based on such events is absurd. These people are creating terrible products for people and those spending their money and wasting their time on these sellers cannot even leave an honest review, meanwhile, they take and display all the praise from less ‘editorial-type’ clients.

The only thing good about this seller, they kept stating how my satisfaction was their utmost priority, which made me feel like I mattered as their client; everything else was far from professional. Unreal.

I did get my money back, thank you Fiverr, but I lost something more important, my time, in dealing with this individual.


I’m really sorry that happened to you. I don’t really know if I should say this, but I have heard of buyers allowing the order to be completed, leaving a review, and then raising a dispute asking for a refund. I usually don’t like this because clients tend to abuse it, but it may be a good idea in your case.


Fiverr only allows to drop a review if you actually had a business with seller !

Buy a service, pay for that and you get a privilege to give a reviews about that seller, But here no actually transaction was made, you cancelled order and seller refunded you so matter is closed !

If buyer would be able to drop review for cancelled order there may possibilities of abusing fiverr review system by buyers , they may exploit sellers by keep asking extra revisions, extra work , files and if they denied - Cancel order and drop negative review !! - that may convert into abusing system !

Now, cancellations also punishes seller so if you couldn’t drop reviews, cancellation would punish him for this, Cancellation is still one of the contradicted topic over the forum,

Cancellation affects sellers fiverr profile by changing listing placement of gig in search result and they already lost revenue of their order they worked and spent time on !


I’m not sure if you read what I wrote… I had paid for the service, it was garbage, and I created a dispute because it was garbage. So by your logic, I should have to ACCEPT the garbage so I could simply get the privilege of leaving a review?! What sense does that make as a buyer?

As a seller, well, I run the risk of people being unscrupulous and asking for their money back. I get it, it’s a double edge sword. However, not being able to leave a review because the order was auto-cancelled due to the seller not responding, and producing garbage… I find it to be unacceptable and only inflates a seller’s actual rating.

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I do understand and I’m certainly agreement with your perspective. I didn’t want to leave a negative review, I simply wanted to leave a review that would have highlighted the situation as it was. It was a good experience just a sub-par delivery and people should be made aware of that.


You still didn’t get it !
You NEVER PAID a seller for his service, You paid that to fiverr and fiverr held funds until you accept delivery and seller would only get paid when you accept it , So I guess you didn’t actually understood the concept of fiverr !

Buyer could exploit abuse system if one could add reviews for REFUNDED and cancelled orders…

For example, I could reach out to my competitor seller and order something I never wanted and then cancel order and drop him 1 Star to spoil hi fiverr profile ? Doe it make a sense to you now ?

Hope you are getting what I am trying to say !


Do you find it fair for someone to do the work, not get paid, lose their time, and also receive a bad review from a buyer that was already refundeed?

You didn’t pay for the service. Why should you be able to leave a review, especially when you got the work and never paid for it? I am sorry, but that’s unethical.

Of course, that’s my opinion as a seller here.



You cannot leave a rating for something you did not pay for. While to you that may seem unfair, in reality, it is fair, because, if people who cancelled were able to leave scathing reviews, it would really be open for certain types to abuse. Imagine another seller buying a competitor’s Gig for $5 (or whatever) only to cancel it, and leave a bad review, which impacts not only the seller’s rating, but now, their completion rate.

The seller will suffer, because, by you cancelling, their stats took a hit and they may not be able to either Level up to the next Level or may lose their Level on May 15.

I think Fiverr has this rule of not being able to review something you did not pay for due to the loophole of the possibility of some abusing it.