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Automatic Completion

Why does my paid for gig’s auto complete? The seller uploaded the .png artwork in both the artwork and source locations. I most defiantly did not receive what i paid for.

After 3 days after delivery orders auto complete unless you ask for a revision using the revision button.

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As stated in Fiverr’s Terms of Service, after the seller delivers the order, you have 3 days to rate it or request a modification. If you do nothing for 3 days, the order will be automatically marked as complete.


Oh i contacted the seller who said he would upload it. Sounds like if upload a blank text file into source and art it will auto process as completed.

If that is what the seller did then he broke the rules. I think if that is what he sent you, you need to contact customer support and tell them immediately.

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Well it was the same .png file for both. I contacted him and he said he would upload the source 2 days ago.

Yes you definitely need to tell customer support about this! They will give you a refund.

What he did is not allowed.

You have only a few days to agree to what you ordered and if you don’t it’s assumed that you accepted the result

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You will not be getting anything from that seller. Report this to customer support now.

Thanks i’ve contacted support :slight_smile:

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