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Automatic Feedback, Job Accept & Reject Plus Buyer Rating

I guess many one already talk about it but nothing have changed. Where is the problem if Fiverr accept below steps?

Run Automatic Positive Feedback if buyer did not provide any feedback after order is completed (they always have chance to change the review, even now it’s for unlimited time [not good])

Why don’t a Seller have chance to “Accept or Reject” a job? If they cancel order it will change their level. So personally I think, this option is very important. And every freelancing platform have job accept or reject option. If Fiverr run it buyer must talk with you (maximum time) before place an order. This always help to finish a Gig successfully.

Everyone can see me, What type of seller I am (feedback) but in the pitch dark I can’t see what’s my buyer status? What they did before with other sellers?

My intention is clear, like Seller fiverr also have to expose buyers feedback. This is very important for every seller.

Because Fiverr works on impulse purchases. The faster their money comes through, the faster they profit. For example. The minute a sale is made whether it is cancelled in the future, Fiverr still maintains that 20% of any sale as the money is immediately taken out. If there was an ability to decline an order, that means there is a chance of an immediate refund and Fiverr would be in a bit of hot water in that regard if they refused to refund the money in full, as then Paypal would have no choice but to refund the user.

Is that good for long time business? :-t

For the buyers, definitely. For the sellers, maybe not so much. Then again, if you compare this market to just about any other with such a huge flow of traffic, only a 20% cut is a bargain. A lot of sites make you pay monthly even if you don’t get sales or anything like that. At least this way you only lose out when a sale is made. It’s not so bad that way.

Sounds good.