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Automatic order completion but no review


I am new to divert.But need answers to some questions. Here goes:
Are buyer mandated to leave a review?
And why are automatically completed orders not reviewed or am I supposed to ask buyers to leave one.
I am a new seller and I need those reviews to help boost sales. Thanks


Sorry fiverr not divert autocorrect lol.


No, they are not. You can ask to review, yes, but once I asked buyer to review me and perfectly satisfied buyer left a 3-star review just because he was offended by me asking for it. It was on upwork, but I am quite traumatized and never ask since then:) Though I heard that 3-star review here also counts as positive and are good for ranking.


Oh Lol.Thanks, I would take note of that.


No. It’s up to them whether they leave a rating or not.

Because they’re automatically completed by the system, not by a person who would rate you.

You’re allowed to do that, but it’s risky. No rating is still much better than a bad rating (and a 3 star review is technically positive, but it will considerably lower your overall rating while you’re still new).

Your buyer might rate you at some later point; it’s possible to rate an order for up to 30 days after the delivery.


The only times I do not leave a review is when I am not happy with the delivery, such as being late or average delivery for premium gig.

Trust me, if I don’t review, there is a reason why.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to push buyers for reviews, you never know the reasoning behind it.


I have Bad experience about asking buyer to rate the Service. Don’t Urge Buyer to rate your service. When I started here, I requested all the buyer those I sell the Service to rate but few of them gave me negative rating just asking them to rate the service.


haha,ok then i am not gona do this,thanks its better to live without review rather than negative review thanks bro


Thanks for asking this. I had the same question. I’ll take the buyer’s silence as a blessing :smiley: