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Automatic order completion rate reduction

Order completion rate getting reduced automatically. Pls help someone


Hello, are you maintaining this:

Order Completion Rate

Complete 90% of your orders, over the course of 60 days

You either didn’t deliver the order in time or you cancelled some orders. Order Completion rate will be reset within 60 days, don’t worry about it that much, unless your order completion rate is below 90%.

Due to some miscommunication 2 orders got cancelled.
After that my order completion rate is 82.

Now. I have completed 5 orders still order completion is 83.

Once order gets completed the rate gets increase 1 or 2.

After 1 or 2 days it again changing to 83.

Thats why i am asking.

Pls help

After 2 cancellations its changed to 82.

Once order completed the rate increasing bt within a day its again reducing.

Thats the problem

So count up the orders you have had in the last 60 days then count up the cancellations.

It will come to 82%. That can change up or down every day depending on how many orders and how many cancellations you have in the last 60 days.

can you pls advise how to calculate

Once new order completed it getting increasing from 83 to 85.

Bt within a weak it again get reducing.

Pls advise the reason behind this

Because it is in the last 60 days and every day it starts over. A day drops off and another day is added to the front. So it will change every day.

If you don’t get new orders it will decrease every day until the cancellations drop off of the last 60 days.

Get more orders and don’t get more cancellations and it will go up.

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thank you so much and pls advise. How to calculate the rate