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Automatic Response Rate Drop?

So i was a level 2 seller 2 months ago and i had only one order later month and due to technical reason my delivery was delayed half an hour after timeline ran out which caused more level drop.

I’m not complaining about how hard it was to go on level 2 and how bad it felt when i was pushed down to no level.

But that single order affected my timeline ratings and i was been thrown to normal seller. where i received no inquiry neither i can send quotes but strange that my response level dropped 100% to 88%.

Is it possible to have a response rate drop when no one actually inquired? I’ve already checked spammed inquiries but nothing found there.

If you believe your response rate has dropped due to an error you can contact customer support. Happened to me once, and they restored my response rate. However, don’t count on it - so be nice, and see if there’s something they can do about it.

If not, you’re out of luck, and just have to make sure you’re responding to absolutely everything as quickly as possible for the next few weeks, and your response rate should go up again.

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That didn’t help! :frowning: