Automatic Video Thumbnails. Had to share


Of all the thumbnails for the system to pick out of a video I did for a customer for the portfolio.

When o when can we pick our own thumbnails please.


Hahahaha…I’m sorry for laughing too. I know. I’ve seen video stills with the seller’s mouth agape and their eyes half shut and I think, “Really, Fiverr, that’s the shot you picked for them?”.

It never affected my desire to order a gig. I had a good chuckle though. Made things more interesting and actually drew me in. Maybe you could think of it as a plus? :stuck_out_tongue: :-/


Yeah what is that? Is that vulture on the right and someone diving through a wall on the left?

Seriously though, the Fiverr thumbnails for my videos match the thumbnails that Premiere put out for them so I think it’s actually coded into the video itself. There is a way in Premiere to generate thumbnail associations. It hasn’t been an issue for me so I haven’t looked into how to do it but it may be worth looking into for yours.