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Automatically add Fiverr watermark with usernames to deliveries that appear in gig portfolio


It needs to be done. I shouldn’t have to explain why but: plagiarists, copied accounts, buyers having their product taken, the scabby industry of ‘found this on the internet so now I’m going to sell it’.

For now I’m watermarking my own, but every creative on Fiverr needs the protection.


You are right about this one. They could just make watermark across with saying “real sample” as there is on bottom only.

Great suggestion ink


I always wondered why they don’t do this. It’s a good idea.


This is an incredibly great recommendation that I never even thought of before. I’ve had my entire account (portfolio, descriptions, and all) plagiarized by fake, obviously unsuccessful sellers in the past and that would be one, very simple defense against that.


Reply to @carrieblogger: Precisely my thoughts. It happens all the time. If images were watermarked simply with the username, or even the url, I imagine most counterfeiters wouldn’t bother.

Not only this but the buyer protection that comes with it. I googled image searched my username with fiverr the product previews came straight up and easy to download. Quite concerning.