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Automatically completed but seller didn't finish

So a seller marked a project as delivered, but didn’t send anything over. I was sending them messages trying to figure out what was going on and they were unresponsive. Fiverr automatically completed the order. I contacted customer support to ask them to reopen the order or try to get the seller to respond. Customer support sent them a withdrawal access temporarily disabled notice and now I got messages from the seller asking me to tell Fiverr everything is fine. But it hasn’t been delivered yet. I already had one Fiverr seller just up and vanish (granted it was before the project was delivered so not a big deal I suppose), and I’m worried about letting this order complete since they could just ghost the project with almost zero repercussions outside of a negative review without the order being active.

Fiverr customer support says there’s no way to reopen a completed order but completed orders can be cancelled within 14 days (which it’s within that 14 day period right now). I know it’s wishful thinking to request Fiverr implement a way to reopen an order if both buyer and seller agree, but I’m unsure what to do now.

Should I just request Fiverr cancel the order completely? I feel like at this juncture there’s no way to ensure the project will be completed after the funds get released to them.


Here is your answer.
I would just ask customer support to cancel that order on your behalf. That’s it.
First it’s against fiverr rules to deliver empty delivery with no completed work. And that’s why fiverr disabled his account.
Secondly your seller was ignoring you after delivering zero. And now after they got a warning they still have guts to ask you to tell fiverr that everything is fine when it’s not and he still didn’t deliver anything.
Your seller obviously have zero understanding of how fiverr or business in general works. Even if he begs you to contact fiverr and tell them that you are cool that he tried to scam you, fiverr still wouldn’t reopen his account. (No matter how much he begs you to contact support. He is done here and will be banned when all his orders he has will be completed or cancelled).


@mariashtelle1 is right. Why on earth are you even considering trying to still work with this buyer? That’s madness.

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It wouldn’t have happened if you had requested a revision within 3 days after delivery. Never allow the order to complete if the work isn’t delivered (all of it).

As others have suggested, just ask CS to cancel the order and refund you (and hurry, so the 14-day window doesn’t close). If you really want to work with this seller, you can always place a new order, but I wouldn’t recommend it. They’d just try to scam you again.


I have reason to believe they were in fact working on the project since I saw some preliminary content they made so I don’t want to go so far as to say they were straight up trying to scam me without more evidence. Maybe I’m naive to scamming though. They just became unresponsive.

As catwriter said I DID let the “request revision” window roll over. Admittedly I’m a new buyer on Fiverr and wasn’t aware of how important that revision request is for making sure this doesn’t happen. My first instinct was to ask the seller what’s going on instead of requesting a revision but they didn’t respond and it just timed out.

It’s just hard trusting unresponsiveness. I didn’t get a response between seeing what they called “pre-alpha” on 8/11 and when it automatically completed on 8/17. (Project was started on 7/18) And trying to talk to them after it automatically completed, there was nothing until I submitted the support request and they shared with me a screenshot of support temporarily disabling their account asking me to mark it complete so they don’t lose their account.

I appreciate the advice. Just don’t want to screw anyone out of anything in simply trying to get my project done.

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I do t see the reason why would he be unresponsive for such a long time if he is indeed working on your order.
Yes, delays might happen, I might be unresponsive over the weekend but it’s a max of 2 days. He obviously ignored you and your request and appears only when he realised he is in trouble.
Do you think he will deliver something after he will realise that he is not getting his account back?
It’s a long project, but does it really take so much time to complete? He set a deadline and not to miss it he sent you an empty delivery. That’s also unprofessional or he is simply not able to complete your order even if he “worked” on it.


Ask for a cancellation instead. You’re basically asking Fiverr to let you work with a scammer.

Report it to Fiverr. This is against the ToS and you’ll get your money back. It may take a while because they’re super busy.

Please read the ToS again. Evidently you’re unaware of your rights here and how Fiverr protects you and that’s dangerous.

They could have realized that they weren’t able to complete the whole project, and panicked. Cancellations hurt sellers (even when they’re not their fault), and there are no partial refunds on Fiverr. Still, they did ignore you until they’re realized there were consequences for such behavior. They’re unprofessional at best, with all the benefit of the doubt.

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