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Automatically down selling from the last month

Hello !
I completed successfully more than 10+ orders in last month.But almost 1 month passed there is no single job.What is the problem happen here ?

Note: For my exam I changed my gig price a little bi higher .But this is recently not from the months ago.
Thanks in advance.

Perhaps you are not adequately connecting to your target customers. Do you have a marketing and promotional strategy (that does not include posting links in social media groups)?


No :unamused::unamused::unamused:

I am not getting order last 7 days.

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What about before the 7 days ago ?

I got a total of 9 orders 7 days ago.

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Do you edit your gig several times for after that ?

I edited one gig, cause of didn’t still yet receive any order this gig.

But I did that .:expressionless:

But My gigs still rank in 2 and 1 page.

Wow but you are still unable to get orders ?

yes, unfortunately not getting enough orders than others days.

Is it impact your gigs search performance?