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AUUUUUUUUUUGGHHHH! ( shouting from the mountaintop)

OK, so I’m shouting in front of the PC,not from the mountaintop.

But if Mt.Fiverr existed, I’d be shouting from it right now.

Anyway, the problem is very simple. I’m working on a translation gig.

The seller is a bit demanding, but what the heck, I can handle it.

I finish the translation, put everything in the zip-file and tried loading it.

Unknown error.

…OK, try again.

I see the loading bar getting longer and longer.

OK, almost there.

Unknown error. Loading bar disappears.

It’s been like this for the past 2 days or so!!! ~X( ~X( ~X( ~X( ~X(

Since Fiverr is not letting me load the zipfile, I had no choice but to upload the pages separately

and send them to the buyer. Buyer complains that he/she wants everything in a zip file since it is

hard to organize the pages. BTW I have been telling this buyer that I have been having problems

loading the files. I guess he/she didn’t read that part, or simply doesn’t care.

I’ll be working on the rest of the translation tonight, but I just hope I can load everything with no problem.

If the error occurs again…

I don’t know, I’m gonna drown myself in Lake Fiverr!! ~X( ~X(

oops sorry, I was supposed to post this in the ranting pot.

My mistake!!!

I use Google Drive fairly often. Fiverr has trouble with larger zip files sometimes.

Thank you madmoo!

So, I tried loading the zip file again, and it’s not working.


So are you having the same problem, Madmoo???

I also always end up going to the back rub page when I click "home."

Is it my PC, or is something wrong with the Fiverr site??? ~X(

Interesting problem. I ordered training course videos and pdfs from a seller and he sent me a link to a drop box service. You might check with the powers that be to find out if it is okay to use this sort of cloud service to deliver large files to clients. Good luck.

Is there any way you can use a different uploading site, like mediafire or dropbox? Would those sites accept zip files? It’s worth looking into. That’s what I use when my HD video files are too big :slight_smile:

I usually have no problems uploading zip files on fiverr. When my file is too big, I upload to drop box and provide the download link to the client. Get yourself a drop box account (it’s free) and you will have it when you need it in cases like this.

Hello people,

thank you for your reply!

I wasn’t aware of this “dropbox” thingy, but I know what to use next if I have a big file.

Funny thing was though, my zipfile wasn’t even that large and it still didn’t let me load.

Another funny thing is that every time I click “home” it sends me to this

"Fiverr is having a back rub, blah blah" page.

However when I went to Fiverr using the PC at work, I had no problem.

Maybe something is just wrong with my PC??

Is anyone else having the back rub problem?

alliemadison12 said: Is there any way you can use a different uploading site, like mediafire or dropbox?

zeus777 said: I wasn't aware of this "dropbox" thingy, but I know what to use next if I have a big file.

And WeTransfer works great too.

Wow, there are so many options!

Thank you, guys!! :smiley: