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Availability Settings Not Working and It's Bothering Me

The new “Set Availability” option isn’t working at all for me. I’ve had it on for over a week and made sure I was set to not receive new messages, but buyers keep contacting me, and my response rate has been hurt. This is despite my answering all the messages that I was sent (that I wasn’t even supposed to get, mind you).

Seems Fiverr is set on ruining my vacation and my stats while it’s at it. I contacted CS about it 1 week ago, and he claimed it was fixed, yet I’m still getting messages. I’ve sent a follow-up ticket today, but I’m thoroughly disappointed that things weren’t fixed the first time.

It’s (1) annoying to receive messages when I asked not to in the first place, and (2) maddening how my response rate is being trashed and in the red when I’ve been answering messages I’m not supposed to get.

(And yes, I’ve confirmed that I’m set not to receive orders or messages until January 3rd.)


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I’ll admit it’s a bit ironic since most people complain about not getting messages or orders, but I wanted neither until the new year so that I can relax and play Sims 4.

I’ve little (but some) hope CS will be able to fix it this time— since they obviously failed to “reload” my account as they said they did last time…


Well, that’s really strange.
I can see you’re Out of Office until Jan 3, 2021, and there is no option to contact you or place an order…

Update: maybe CS was able to fix the problem! :smiley:

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I had a glitch where I was supposed to be unavailable through the 27th and on the evening of the 25th I got a messages saying I was no longer unavailable and my gigs were active. :flushed:

So, I canceled the OOO and made a new one and then it worked.


Hello. I had the same issue. You have to set vacation mode on the computer AND on the mobile app. :grinning:


Exactly! It shows that I’m unavailable, but buyers keep contacting me. I just hope they can’t place orders (that would be a true nightmare).

^^ I tried all of these things multiple times before I contacted CS the first time and have tried them again before sending my follow-up ticket, so I don’t understand what the issue is. :grimacing:

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I just checked your profile and looked at every gig. I do not see anyway to contact you?

I may have found out how buyer’s are contacting you, but I do not want to mess up your response time by trying it. Are you online now?