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Available Funds but can't use

Hi, i’m brand new to fiverr and recently had to cancel my first order. it says i have 20$ available funds but it does not give me the option to use it on other gigs i try to buy or to withdrawal it back to my card. Can anyone help? thanks!

You can’t withdraw it to your card. I believe you can use it on other gigs though, maybe what you were trying to purchase was worth more than $20 thus not giving you the option to use that $20. Just a theory though. Or perhaps there’s a glitch or something. Try clarifying with Customer Support. :slight_smile:

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You would have to purchase a gig worth $20 exactly.

In the event the gig is worth more, please ask the seller to split the total amount and first send you a custom offer of $20, then another with the rest.

This should allow you to use your $20 credit.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:

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