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Available NOW activation button is disappear


Asslalam O Alaikum,
From few days, when i am opening my account and want to activate/ON the “Available now” option but buttong disappear to activate it.
Plz guide me what’s the problem there…


Have you had the ‘available now’ option on your account before and it’s disappeared, or have you never had it?


yeah, i have it from few months… but disappeared from a week ago…


I think it’s a site error. there is the button but not showing in the screen…


Can you change your screen size so the button to the right of the timer is visible?


I changed the screen size and rotation, but there is the same problem


In may fiverr account I can’t also see the option. Please help me someone, how possible to active now this option


Same thing has happened to me. Were you be able to solve it?