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"Available now" approaching 2 weeks

What are everyone’s thoughts on this beta feature?

Personally for me, I’m not finding that this feature is making any substantial difference to my usual sales.I feel as though most buyers do not require their sellers to respond within 5 minutes and are happy to wait a few hours or even a day for their seller to respond.

Whilst I’m sure that this has made a difference to some sellers, I’m not entirely convinced that this is going to be a useful feature for the majority of users.


Yes its really difficult to response by 5 minute to every message
i was not in available now yesterday i got a message and i reply by 5 minutes

But after 12 hour i turned on available now and that buyer message me again, and i replied after 5 minutes and i got penalized:disappointed::disappointed:


I’ve been using it fairly regularly, at least once a day. I’m finding it’s boosting my visibility which I like. I’ve seen a small uptick in sales, but frankly, the visibility is important to me.

If a buyer sees me while I’m available, but isn’t ready to buy yet, they might remember me a week later and send me a message. That’s the hope anyway. I will continue to use it as time goes on to see if I get any sort of upswing in long term sales.

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Yes I agree. I can only turn it on if I’m going to be on fiverr anyway. Even when completing a small task, I always have to remember to turn it off in case I’m longer than 5 minutes. That makes it very difficult for me to keep using it as it becomes annoying for me to have to respond so quickly.


That was one thing that caught me off guard when I first used it. A buyer who is a regular, that messages me all the time about several large ongoing projects, messaged me with a question. I saw the message and instinctively said to myself, “I’ll respond to her right after I finish typing this email to another client.” Often my reaction with this buyer since she messages me so often. 15 minutes later I notice I’m no longer “Available.” I check and see that since I didn’t respond to her in 5 minutes I was kick off.

I had to remind myself that even my regulars who aren’t messaging me about immediate orders, need to be responded to within 5. Hasn’t happened to me since, thankfully.

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I agree that it increases visibility but visibility means nothing without sales and for me, I haven’t seen a particularly noticeable rise in sales. I do understand the logic of people possibly remembering your gig but I’m not sure how often that will occur unless you’re already at the top of the search for that gig to begin with.

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yes exactly but it answers these people who are not getting orders :wink::wink::wink:

It hasn’t made a difference to me. Nor has it helped relieve the habit people have of emailing meat 3 in the morning when it says I am not online (and my local time) asking “I HAVE THIS THING I NEED RECORDED YESTERDAY, CAN YOU DO THIS?” and then getting mad when I respond way too late (in the morning, when I wake up). All in all, beta Available Now = same same for sales and enquiries.


I, respectfully, disagree about the visibility not equaling sales. For me it comes down to math. If, on average, 1% of the people who see my gig will eventually buy from me, then it is in my interest to get as many eyeballs (or ears in my case) on my gig. (Obviously this will vary a bit based on a lot of factors, just pulling out the standard sales talking points. For example, my category VO, sales are affected more in regards of quality, the individual talent, etc. So it is more likely for people to come back later if they heard something the liked.)

That’s why I’m interested to see if there are any long term affects. I frankly think it’s too early to judge if it has any major impact on sales for anyone who uses it. This also varies based on the category and how many are available when you are, etc.

I must say, I haven’t been this interested in a feature Fiverr has put out, since they added tipping. I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out.

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I do agree that there is still much to see from this feature in regards to the long term results however as of now I’m not seeing any noticeable benefits.

I don’t really understand your point with regards to x% of people who see your gig will buy your gig because that number probably varies greatly for most people. Unless you are receiving consistent sales for a certain number of views (roughly) then I don’t really know how accurate that logic is.

So in the end, that % is very limited in understanding whether or not this new feature actually increases sales as we can never really know how many people will buy per x% of views. Of course the chances go up if more people see the gig but I don’t believe that they go up significantly for most.


Speak of the devil. Just got a message after turning it on and submitted a custom offer to the buyer. Now we wait…

I’m just referring to standard sales practice. You take how many impressions you get, then look at how many of those clicked on your gig, then look at how many sales you got in a given period. Over time you get an idea of your “Closing Percentage” for that gig. (I used to work in sales so this is ingrained in how I do things here on Fiverr, or anywhere really.)

So I know that for so many impressions, I get so many clicks, and for so many clicks I get so many sales. That tells me that if I get X impressions, I will most likely have X sales. After a few years doing that the number can become pretty predicable. So what I’m saying, anything I can do to get the impression number up, it ups my chances of getting more sales.

Just my take.


I do see the logic in what you’re saying and I understand why it may work for you but as a relatively new seller on fiverr, my account is constantly growing and statistics are constantly changing (which is probably why it’s easier for you to predict your impressions to sales ratio) as you’ve (presumably) been on here a lot longer than I have.

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I hope it goes well; it’s nice to know that this feature has been helpful for some people.

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I totally understand. When I first joined Fiverr four years ago (my god it’s been that long…) I was in the same boat. But I started paying attention to those numbers early and a pattern eventually emerged.

Obviously it will be affected by outside sources. There was the infamous Fiver 2.0 fiasco that tanked everyone’s numbers. (They released a new algorithm that favored top sellers and brand new sellers on searches. If you were in the middle anywhere, your impressions fell through the floor. At least that was our impression back then.) So your mileage may vary.

I do hope the available now helps going forward. Good luck!

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Thanks, my sales have been slowly increasing over time so hopefully I start to get a better idea of the numbers of impressions in relation to sales as time progresses.

Good luck for the future, I hope that the new feature continues to help you out.

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Please, can I turn On this feature?

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I would love to try this feature but have about 30 sales that never started.


Wow, that’s a lot of money locked up. I only have one order of $5 locked up like that.

All $5 orders except one $10 one, going back to 2013.