Available Now - beta feature


Have any of you tested the new feature, available for some of the users? What do you think about it?
Personally I got more messages and an order because of it but unfortunately forgot it open and I’m blocked to use it again for 30 days apparently, because I didn’t received a notification so I couldn’t respond within 5 minutes.



I haven’t had a good experience with it. I have received just as many messages as before using the feature. Besides, I don’t see a real difference between “avaiable now” and the “online now” filter in the search engine. I think reply time is way too short for penalizing sellers, and that we should be able to set how long we want the feature to be active during the day.


I’ve tried it out and while I got a big order within minutes of turning it on, I too experienced a warning message that I’d not replied to someone within five minutes (except I had, so I don’t know what they were talking about?) and I also never got the notification. Not sure if it’s a bug, but it was quite annoying to receive a message when I’d replied to everyone inside the predetermined time frame…


I was blocked once I reached 5 orders in my queue. That’s irritating, as it works against both the seller and Fiverr. I sent a message to Fiverr Support, suggesting that once we have less than 5 orders in queue, we should be immediately reinstated on Available Now. Seems to make sense, right?


I think they are guessing the seller won’t have time to operate quickly if he has too many active gigs


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