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❓ Available NOW (Beta) GONE?


Hey friends,

Did anyone Notice? The Available NOW (Beta) Option is not there on the web anymore!

Who else cannot see it?
Who can still use it?


It is definitely weird. Is it called off?


Mod Note: That beta feature appears to be canceled at this time. Available now option doesn't show [Posts Discussing this May be Moved Here]


Yes, Available now is gone.


Just noticed. It is not Available Now!


Never had it, so I didn’t miss a thang! :woman_shrugging:t4:

Maybe they’re working on something new & innovative.


Hey, how are you?

I had this option since they rolled it out, like start of the year or late last year. It actually helped me in getting a little more orders, I believe.

But then, now it is not there - removed! Sadly…

We will still manage, won’t we? YES!! :wink:


It had helped me a couple of times to get new buyers…but it’s finally dead.


Available now is unavailable to me as well. Testing didn’t go well?


Available option is not Available NOW :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Available NOW is still in beta and is not available to all sellers.

To qualify to use this feature:
You must have delivered at least five orders.
You must have less than five orders in queue (delivered orders are also active and they don’t show in queue once you deliver it).
You must have a low cancellation rate.


Think it has gone forever! Perhaps “Beta” hasty retreat!



I’m doing just peachy, thanks for asking that was sweet of you. :relaxed:

Absolutely!:ok_hand:t4: I’m accustomed to change online and IRL. Besides, my world doesn’t revolve around 5r. :sunglasses:


Just for compilation: Available now option doesn't show [Posts Discussing this May be Moved Here]